I couldn’t keep the blogging up-to-date

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I have been rather busy keeping up with other things. Mussekat Support is not quite dead yet.

I have been fixing 3-4 PC’s mainly normal maintenance; but also removing GWX (get windows 10) the little window in the notification area of your screen in windows 7. I have also fixed a couple of laptops; these were more serious: like dead HDDs and dead graphic display (that one was bin-fodder) but I managed to recover most of my PCs & Laptops.

I don’t like Win 10 because of the data harvesting that’s going on. Yes, yes, I know Google has been at it for ages but why let Microsoft also do it? I have heard that it is possible to stop this and that SP1 has it turned off; so we will see; maybe its true; maybe not.


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