Just a little sick PC

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I am pleased to state that I haven’t lost my diagnostic touch.
I was called – the other day – by a member of U3A who thought that the computer group might know someone that would come out to Cranfield and examine their PC.
The symptoms were – as was described – that the PC started and the monitor briefly flashed alive but then nothing – this started to happen after a power surge during Thursday’s stormy evening. This could be one of two problems: either the graphic card or the monitor had given up the ghost.So I went over to Cranfield armed with my laptop only; I must admit I didn’t bring a monitor (and I was internally annoyed); but where there is a will there is a way.

Yes, the fault was exactly as described, so I decided to hook up the monitor to my laptop and the same happened, just a brief glimmer of hope followed by total darkness.

Easy Peasy – I send the people to purchase a new monitor – they called later to confirm that the system was now working – so Happy Days are here again.


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