Mussekat Support was busy this weekend

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A friend of mine had been nagging me for over a month that her PC was seriously suffering from something or other. She brought her PC to me so that I could fix whatever was happening on her system. Somewhen during October she had manage to install ‘DriverUpdate’. Here is a description I found online: “The Driver Update virus (also found as the DriverUpdate virus, DriverUpdate by SlimWare Utilities Inc. virus) is a potentially unwanted program (PUP) or potential malware found in the scareware (rogue software) and spyware categories of computer infections”. This program was causing her all sort of confusion, with pop-up windows and interfering with her PC usage.

I installed both CCleaner and Malwarebytes and ran them both a couple of times with reboots in between; this got rid of not only DriveUpdate but also further 51 PUPs. Best of all she became another happy customer.

My 80+ reverend had called and said he couldn’t access the internet to read his emails, when I queried if the router was on; he found that it was off. <br />He then rang back and said that he couldn’t print using his wireless printer. In my head “this was defiantly something to do with his wireless system” therefor it was easier to go and see him and check everything than trying to talk it through on the phone. Yes: the router was on; No: the PC wasn’t communicating with the router. All I did was let windows network ‘fix the connection’ and ‘hey presto’ the printer sprang into life and stated emptying its queue; secondly, he could now also start reading his emails again. Another happy customer, until next time.



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