Hi – I’m Marlis Rodio of Mussekat Support.

MusseKat Support was established as a small business in 1996.
MusseKat Support provides computer services to businesses as well as home users in Milton Keynes and the surrounding areas up to a 20-mile radius.

I sell computers, laptops, printers, cd drives and all types of computer consumables. I also provide support and advice regarding PCs as well as teaching people how to use computers?

For instance:-

  • Do you need help choosing an ideal computer?
  • Do you require software?
  • Do you require any peripherals?
  • Do you need any computer consumables?
  • Do you need help creating mail-merge for your brilliant offers?

Could you for one minute imagine life without a computer?
Do you remember the paper Chaos we used to have?
Do you remember how many hours it took to retrieve information e.g., finding a specific invoice or letter?

I assume that you are using a computer in one way or another.

By the way:-

  • Did you know – that your computer is insured but your data is not.
  • Did you know – that your software is definitely not insured, so it is therefore important – to keep it – in a secure place – away from your computers.

How often has this happened to you:-

  • You try to load software onto your PC and come into difficulties
  • Your CD drive doesn’t work.
  • Your printer stops printing.
  • You have a virus and don’t know how to clean it from your PC.
  • Your PC gets slower and slower.
  • Your PC has crashed and is refusing to re-start!
  • You want to backup your PC but don’t know how to.
  • You are not sure whether to upgrade or replace your PC.
  • You don’t know if you can upgrade your PC yourself.
  • How many times have you tried to do certain things on your PC but you don’t understand the ‘jargon’ and give up in total frustration.

Mussekat Support is only a phone call away and is open 24-7.

Sometimes a problem can be resolved over the phone, other times a site visit may be necessary, or your PC may have to come into the hospital for a day or two.

Mussekat Support can carry out on site specific training and / or show you how to use shortcuts and how to get the best out of your applications.

What better than to have a one to one session on your own computer where your questions can be answered and where you can try things and know there is someone to help you every time you falter!

I am sure there are many people who would welcome this personal service.
How many of you here know someone who would benefit from this?