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Early morning call

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I have an 82 year old client. He gets rather frustrated and confused when things don’t work as normal. He rang the other morning, early! Just 1 minute past my “do not disturb time” on my phone. His problem was “my computer doesn’t want to work”. I asked him to elaborate, and the answer was neither the mouse nor the keyboard was working. Hmmm.

I probed a little more; and it sounded like the system had frozen on him overnight. He had left the system on when he went to bed and in the morning he “woke up” his PC using the power on/off button. The screen came on but he said he couldn’t use his mouse or his keyboard.

Solution: power off your PC (press the power button for 20-30 seconds) and then restart the system making sure to use the normal option when prompted.

As I didn’t hear from him again it must have worked.

I don’t mind this sort of bug fixing as I don’t even have to get out of bed. I only wish I had some way of charging for telephone trouble shooting sessions.



This is a test post created using “Windows Live Writer”

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I downloaded Microsoft’s Windows Live and there was a program I hadn’t seen before: “Windows Live Writer”.  It is a desktop blog-publishing application that is part of the Windows Live range of products. All I did was adding my account with and here I am writing this blog. It will let me add “photos”, “videos” and even a “Bing Map”.

It is easy to use and lets you use “Edit”, “Preview” and “Source”.

I can release the post either by uploading “draft” or directly “Publishing” it.

I couldn’t keep the blogging up-to-date

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I have been rather busy keeping up with other things. Mussekat Support is not quite dead yet.

I have been fixing 3-4 PC’s mainly normal maintenance; but also removing GWX (get windows 10) the little window in the notification area of your screen in windows 7. I have also fixed a couple of laptops; these were more serious: like dead HDDs and dead graphic display (that one was bin-fodder) but I managed to recover most of my PCs & Laptops.

I don’t like Win 10 because of the data harvesting that’s going on. Yes, yes, I know Google has been at it for ages but why let Microsoft also do it? I have heard that it is possible to stop this and that SP1 has it turned off; so we will see; maybe its true; maybe not.

Revamp of my Blog

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I decided to give my Blog a face-lift. I realised that I had created this Blog as a static webpage with only pages in it and no real Posts.
This has now changed a I will be posting my news as they happen; mostly 2nd hand equipment for sale such as PC’s and Monitors.
I will also inform you of any new gadgets that I might have come across; such as a USB stick that takes memory cards as variable storage.